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Tyler is married.
Dakota is off to college in a month.

The nest is emptying out at a dizzying rate! I admit that I am really excited at the prospect of seeing where my sons’ lives go from here but at the same time I am sad. I’m sad at how quickly life flew by in the early years. I’m sad at how many times I missed opportunitites to make memories. It’s a melancholy place I’m in right now.

No, I’m definately in a blue depression. I am just not really sure who I am when they are gone. I’ve been mom for 20 years. I’ve been mom longer than Teddy and I have had time alone as a couple. We got pregnant one month after marriage! After Tyler came around we got pregnant with Dakota very quickly! The boys are only 19 months apart so life has been non-stop since they arrived.

Now it seems to be slowing down . . . for me at least. No more hurried fall seasons ahead with school, football, band and other commitments. No more crazy summers with them roaming the house and complaining how bored they are! No more committed Friday nights to football. No more winter basketball games where I can yell at the inept referees!

Soon I’m going to have to figure out just who I am without being mommy and just being Mom. They aren’t dependant on me anymore for their everyday needs. So, now maybe it’s the season for marriage? I’m excited by that. I love my hubby to death, he is my very best friend. I’m curious to see what adventures the Lord leads us on.

So where do I go from here? I don’t have a clue and that’s the twist of it all!



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